Detailed Office Visit Preparation


  • Mammoth Orthopedic office address, maps, and transportation instructions are included in Contact Us page. Please confirm if your appointment is in Mammoth or Bishop.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time for parking, check-in and completion of necessary paperwork.
  • Please bring your insurance medical card and a photo ID, such as your driver’s license, with you.
  • If you have been treated at another medical facility for your condition, please bring a copy of those medical records and all imaging with you.


Please bring a list of your medications with you

  • It is important to know which medicines, and how much of each, you are taking because it influences recommendations for tests or other medicines you might need.
  • Our electronic medical record tells us what has been prescribed, but only you can confirm what you take every day. This includes prescription medications as well as over-the-counter drugs, such as aspirin, vitamins, herbs, or supplements.
  • We can talk about renewing your prescriptions during the visit.

Wear comfortable clothing

  • Please wear loose comfortable clothing that will make it easy for us to examine the area(s) of the body where your symptoms are located.
  • For hip and knee complaints, please bring a pair of shorts or loose pants that can roll up above the knee easily. If you do not have them, we have disposable shorts available.
  • For shoulder or elbow complaints, please wear or bring a t-shirt with sleeves that can easily roll up. If you do not have one, we have gowns available for use.

Think about the questions and issues you would like to discuss

  • It is a good idea to write down your questions and bring them with you to discuss. Feel free to bring blank paper or a notebook to our visit to jot down notes.

Remember to bring your forms (initial patients)

  • If you are new to our hospital or this is a new injury, please follow this link and fill out the appropriate forms prior to your visit. Forms will be available to fill out in the clinic if you are unable to fill out beforehand.
  • If we sent you a form or questionnaire, please complete as much as you can and bring it with you to our visit.
  • If you have a form you need us to complete, please bring it with you.Remember to tell us when you need it completed and returned.
    • Please allow us 24-48 hours to complete forms.


Before you see me, you will meet with the Certified Athletic Trainer/ Certified Orthopedic Technologist assigned to my care team

  • My ATC/OTC will call you in from the waiting room, will take your vitals and bring you to the exam room.
  • A brief conversation about your medical history and other pertinent information will occur and your chart will be updated appropriately.
  • X-Rays are often performed in the clinic the same day and time of your visit and will be done prior to meeting your provider.
  • If you are bringing your images on a disk, please provide them to our staff when you check in so the images are ready for your provider to view prior to coming into your exam room.

You will have a physical examination

  • We will discuss your medical history and any current symptoms you are having.
  • I will conduct a thorough examination of the area(s) of your body where your pain and symptoms are located and go over your imaging with you.

Please ask questions

  • It is always good to ask questions and voice any concerns you may have about the instructions, medical tests, medications, or treatments we offer you. If you don't understand my answers, please ask for more information.

Before you leave, I, or my ATC/OTC, may give you a copy of information related to your diagnosis

  • We will develop a plan for the next steps in your case.
  • You can refer to your Clinical Visit Summary through our Patient Portal. This includes your vital sign and a brief summary of the treatment plan.
  • Information regarding common diagnoses can be found at under patient info → Conditions and Procedures.



  • If an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or CT (Computed Tomography) scan is ordered, your insurance will be contacted by our authorization team and once approved, you will be contacted by the imaging location to schedule. For detailed instructions about MRI please follow this link .


  • If physical therapy is ordered then you may call or go the 3rdfloor in Mammoth, or next door in Bishop, to schedule your PT visits. Generally physical therapy is ordered for 2 times a week for 6 weeks, however, this plan is then modified by your physical therapist based on your progress. There are multiple physical therapy locations throughout the Eastern Sierras; we can send an order to any location you desire.
    • Mammoth Hospital- Mammoth location (760) 934-7302
    • Mammoth Hospital- Bishop location (760) 872-2942


  • You can go to Mammoth Hospital, Northern Inyo Hospital, or Southern Inyo hospital. The lab will complete the test and send us your results.


  • If I refer you to a specialist, we will send the order to our Referral Team who will assist in the process of getting you scheduled in a timely manner and provide them with appropriate documentation needed to schedule.


  • If medications are prescribed, these will be sent electronically to your pharmacy of record.


  • If surgery is recommended, a health questionnaire will be completed by you in the office.
  • You may be asked to participate in our research registry. If you agree, then a consent will be signed and you will be registered through an online program.
  • Your orders will be submitted to your insurance company and once approved; you will be contacted by our surgery scheduler/ P.A.S.S. Center to select your surgical day.
    • More information about the P.A.S.S. Center and the perioperative process can be found here.

Test results

  • If you had lab work, I’ll contact you with your results by letter, e-mail, or phone.
  • You may view your test results online. They are often available online through the patient portal, before I contact you, so my comments and recommendations usually follow separately.
  • Once you have your advanced imaging scheduled, please call the office to schedule a follow up with your provider.
  • For medication refills, please allow 24-48 hours for us to process your refill request.
  • If you had your imaging done anywhere other than Mammoth Hospital or Northern Inyo Hospital, you will need to bring your images on a CD or have them mailed. Please have your results in hand or fax results to 760-934-7285.


  • You can contact our office by secure e-mail for non-urgent questions at [javascript protected email address]. It is direct communication and we are usually able to respond to questions within 24 to 48 hours.
  • You can call our office to schedule a follow up appointment or speak to an assistant.
  • Our P.A.S.S. Center or Surgery Scheduler can be a contact person for you if you have any questions related to surgery.
    • Mammoth Hospital P.A.S.S. Center (760) 924-4022
    • P.A.S.S. Center Coordinator- (760) 924-4109