Spine Injections

Spine injections are a nonsurgical treatment modality recommended for treatment of chronic back pain. Injection of certain medicinal agents relieves the pain by blocking the nerve signals between specific areas of the body and the brain. The treatment approach involves injections of local anesthetics, steroids, or narcotics into the affected soft tissues, joints, or nerve roots. It may also involve complex nerve blocks and spinal cord stimulation.

  • Proliferation Injection (Prolotherapy): Proliferation injection is also known as sclerotherapy and is a non-surgical treatment for musculoskeletal injuries. It involves injecting the dextrose solution (irritant) into the damaged or injured ligaments and tendons. Macrophages, the defense cells of the body, reach the site of injection to attack the irritant. Meanwhile the body brings in fibroblasts which heal the damaged ligaments and produce connective tissue. This injection helps in the proliferation of new cells and helps in the repair of connective tissue.
  • Lumbar Epidural:injection into the space around the lumbar spinal nerves, relieving pain from stenosis or other nerve irritation.
  • Selevtive Lumbar Nerve Root Block: injection around a particular nerve root as it exits the spinal canal, relieving radicular (nerve) pain or sciatica
  • Facet Injections:injections directly into the small facet joints between the vertebra, to relieve pain from facet arthritis