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August 2018

The course and lecture series on the practice of Orthopedics developed by orthopedic surgeons, Michael Karch, Timothy Crall, and Brian Gilmer, had its best turnout to date with over 60 participants August 16-18th at Mammoth Mountain’s Main Lodge. We had Orthopedic Surgeons, PAs, Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainers in attendance. According to one of the surgeons attending this weekend "I learned more from this course than any other course I’ve been to!"

The course and lecture series
The course and lecture series

August 2018

Dr. Gilmer publishes editorial commentary in Arthroscopy journal. To review Dr. Gilmer's editorial on Goldilocks and the Three Grafts: Managing Tendon Harvest and Graft Length Problems in Autograft Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction click on the link.

July 2018

Karly Dawson, PA-C attended a Sports Medicine Physician Assistant Course hosted by Arthrex in Naples, FL this July. The conference brought in PAs from all over the U.S. to provide education and experience in treating common surgical knee and shoulder injuries. Lectures covered topics such as ligament reconstruction, shoulder stabilization, and graft preparation. The cadaver lab provided an opportunity to practice surgical techniques, including knee and shoulder arthroscopy, ACL and MPFL reconstruction, graft harvesting and preparation, meniscus repair, rotator cuff repair and bicep tenodesis, and AC reconstruction. Karly was very grateful and inspired to participate in this valuable learning opportunity.

Helping Surgeons to treat their patients better

July 2018

On Saturday, July 28th Ethan Simpson gave a presentation to the Trek Dirt Series Camp on injury prevention, risk management, and the mental factors in pushing the limit. The Trek Dirt Series Camp offers personalized instruction, professional programming, and an incredibly skilled and supportive coaching staff. The program is innovative, transformative, and exceptionally fun. The presentation was attended by seventy five motivated riders focused on improving their technical ability and training regime. Parallax served as a great venue to host this discussion.

July 2018

Dr. Gilmer has been invited to join the Doximity Writer’s Program. Doximity is an online social media organization for doctors and health care professionals. Dr. Gilmer's stories can be found at or through his facebook page Brian Gilmer, MD.

June 2018

Approximately 16-17 yrs ago Dr. Karch put my right hand back together. I fell off a roof from 20' & walked away with just a busted wrist, and partially separated AC joint. I continually think about how much I have to be thankful for from that accident.

Well I've had no issues, and have used this right hand in my daily construction trade. I am for ever grateful for your skilled hand -by giving me the ability to continue to passionately play my guitar, have a successful construction business all while still living an extremely dominate physical life style.

I've kept that x ray on my wall these last 16 years looking at it like a work of art all the while playing my guitar and reminding my self how quickly our lives can change and lose the ability to do what we love. As I've gotten older I've gained more perspective/appreciation on what's important and what I place value on. We all use our hands in this life, and with the work of your hands, my right one still gets to do what I love.

Here's a picture of your work, it always looked like art to me- just a little constant reminder to cherish what we can do and what we get to do in this world.

Thank you so much!!

-Bend, OR

Bend, OR


June 2018

Our own Orthopedic Surgeon Michael Karch, was a featured speaker at a recent American Medical Association conference in Chicago on responses to Mass Casualty Incidents.

Dr. Karch is well versed in this field as he was one of the first physicians on site at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001. Building on his experience with 9/11 and his liaison with the US Military, Dr. Karch developed and led the very first civilian Forward Surgical Teams to international disaster zones.

Dr. Karch was also a co-recipient of the Adelina Award, the highest honor awarded for humanitarian work in the Philippines, for his work leading the Forward Surgical Team that deployed to Tacloban City in the Philippines just after the super storm Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) made landfall.4

Dr. Karch has received two letters of commendation from the President of the United States of America. Internationally, Dr. Karch is recognized for his instruction in mass casualty medicine based upon his real experiences in disaster zones.

We are beyond blessed to have Dr. Karch's knowledge and experience here at Mammoth Hospital!

Our own Orthopedic Surgeon Michael Karch Speech
Our own Orthopedic Surgeon Michael Karch Speech
Our own Orthopedic Surgeon Michael Karch Speech
Our own Orthopedic Surgeon Michael Karch Speech


April 2018

Dr. Gilmer attended the Pacific Medical lab in Tracy, Ca. to practice some new techniques in orthobiologics. Lipogems, is a micro-fragmented tissue that is intended for the repair, replacement, cushion, and support of damaged or injured tissues. Be sure to check out the orthobiologics section to learn about Lipogems and PRP.

Dr. Gilmer attended the Pacific Medical lab in Tracy, Ca.


March 2018

Dr. Crall and Dr. Gilmer attended the Orthopedic Technology & Innovation Forum in San Diego, CA. Each year, Arthrex welcomes 360 world-renowned orthopedic surgeons for presentations and product demonstrations on the company's latest advances in sports medicine during the Orthopedic Technology & Innovation Forum (OTIF).


March 2018

Our own Dr. Richard Brown just wrote his first novel! Not only that, all the proceeds from his book will be donated to his favorite charity- Doctors without borders. His novel can be found on Amazon. Congrats Dr. Brown!

Congrats Dr. Brown!


March 2018

Thanks to Mammoth Hospital the Resident/Fellow Sports Course Scholarship is available again this year. 2 awards of up to $1000 are available to assist in travel and accomodations to attend the Mammoth Sports Course August 16-18. Please share with your residents and fellows interested in sports medicine and arthroscopy.

Fellow Sports Course Scholarship - March 2018


January 2018

Dr. Gilmer recently covered the Grand Prix Slopestyle held at Mammoth Mountain as the final U.S. Olympic skiers and snowboarders were selected to represent U.S. in PyeongChang for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Medical students, Dustin Porter, MD and Matthew Peters, BSc, shadowed Dr. Gilmer for team coverage.

Grand Prix Slopestyle held at Mammoth Mountain
Grand Prix Slopestyle held at Mammoth Mountain

December 2017

Dr. Karch recently traveled to Davos, Switzerland where he is continuing his advanced studies in both Periprosthetic Fracture Management and Technique as well as Limb Salvage in Mass Casulty and Disaster/ Combat Environments.

The AO International Trauma Foundation is located in Davos and serves as the epicenter for orthopaedic trauma and joint reconstruction learning. This represents Karch’s fifth trip to Davos for such instruction.

Dr. Karch recently traveled to Davos
Dr. Karch recently traveled to Davos

December 2017

Dr. Crall recently traveled with the US Moguls Team to Ruka, Finland for the World Cup opener for the 2017-18 season.

Competition was in high gear as this was the first World Cup of the Olympic Year and points are being gathered for Olympic qualification.

The men’s team sustained a blow, losing Olympic hopeful Tom Rowley to a knee injury in the Qualifiers. However the women’s team had a good start with five athletes advancing to the finals, and Jaelin Kauf finishing 5th in the SuperFinals.

US Moguls Team to Ruka
US Moguls Team to Ruka

December 2017

Dr. Gilmer joins Dr. Crall in achieving the Certificate of Additional Certification (CAQ) from the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery in Sports Medicine. Based on evaluation of clinical knowledge and surgical case log review, the CAQ is the highest level of sub-specialty certification and is awarded to only a small fraction of all board certified orthopaedic surgeons in the United States.

American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

August, 2017

Dr. Gilmer published an editorial in Arthroscopy Journal regarding treatment of biceps tendon disease.

August 10-12, 2017

Mammoth Orthopedic Institute hosted the Second Annual Mammoth Sports Course, which was a great success once again.

Second Annual Mammoth Sports Course
Second Annual Mammoth Sports Course
Second Annual Mammoth Sports Course

July, 2017

Wanted: Disaster Relief Orthopaedists

Dr. Michael Karch is calling for volunteers to aid in global disaster relief. Please see this press release from AAOS for more information.

June, 2017

Dr. Gilmer publishes an Editorial Review for Arthroscopy Journal offering expert opinion on treatment of long head of the biceps tendon pathology.

Arthroscopy Journal offering

May, 2017

Dr. Gilmer with his mentor Dr. Guttmann of Taos Orthopedic Institute publish an invited review on the diagnosis of biceps tendon problems in the new journal of the International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery, and Sports Medicine (ISAKOS). In it, they outline their approach to this challenging problem based on the latest medical evidence.


March, 2017

Dr. Karch publishes "Multi-Disciplinary Joint Replacement Team at Mammoth Hospital: Cura Personalis - Treating the Whole Patient" article.

Click here for more information

March 15, 2017

Dr. Gilmer publishes new technique for primary repair of the posterolateral corner (PLC) of the knee in Arthroscopy Techinques Journal. This technique uses smaller implants and preserves the patient's own tissue allowing for faster recovery.

March, 2017

The Mammoth Sports Course registration is now available!
Click here for more information.

December 15, 2016

Dr. Gilmer met with the Rookie Ski Patrol Class from Mammoth Mountain to review and discuss traumatic injuries on the mountain and in the backcountry setting.

Ski Patrol.

December, 2016

Dr. Crall in Ruka, Finland with the US Freestyle Moguls team for pre-world cup training camp. Keaton McCargo snags 3rd place for her first career world cup podium!

December, 2016

Dr. Crall attends MESS course for US Ski Team Physicians in Beaver Creek, CO. On-hill training with mock trauma scenarios for life-threatening ski and snowboarding accidents.

MOI hosts annual Synthes DePuy Trauma Refresher at the Westin Monache Resort

November 12, 2016

Dr. Crall and Dr. Gilmer hosted a trauma refresher course covering operative treatment of distal humerus fractures, proximal humerus fractures, and tibial shaft fractures.

Members of the Mammoth Hospital operating room staff, and Mammoth Hospital Orthopedic SPORT clinic participated in this hands on dry lab activity.

Resources and findings for the course were generously donated by Depuy/Synthes.

Dr. Gilmer invited to join the Editorial Board for Arthroscopy Journal

November 10, 2016

In consideration of his scientific reviewing work over the last 3 years Dr. Gilmer has been invited to join the Editorial Board for Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery.

Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery.

Dr. Karch to present at Grand Rounds for Georgetown University

October 25, 2016

Dr. Karch will be presenting Grand Rounds at Georgetown University in Washington DC. His lecture titled, “Mass Casualty, Mass Shootings, and Terrorist Inflicted Injury Patterns for the Civilian Orthopaedic Surgeon” will draw on his experience gained in the September 11th Terrorist Attacks, as well as his relief efforts in the Phillipines and Nepal in the wake of natural disasters.

Dr. Crall presents at International Disaster & Austere Medicine Conference

September 21-24, 2016

Mammoth Orthopedic Institute presented for International Disaster & Austere Medicine Conference hosted by Mammoth Medical Missions

Dr. Crall Conference

Dr. Gilmer teaches at University of Washington Arthroscopy Boot Camp

September 22, 2016

Dr. Gilmer was invited to instruct two days of lecture and lab at the University of Washington’s Resident Arthroscopy Boot Camp in Portland,Oregon.

news and events
news and events
news and events

MOI Team Publishes Study on Improved Pain Relief After Total Knee Replacement

September 21, 2016

Drs. Parisky, Harkins, Karch and Gilmer’s article titled as “Periarticular Liposomal Bupivicaine Injection Decreases Length of Stay, Pain Scores, and Opioid Usage After Total Knee Arthroplasty When Compared to Femoral Nerve Block” was accepted for publication in the Journal Progress in Orthopedic Science. The study confirmed the effectiveness of a new postoperative pain management regimen used at Mammoth Hospital to shorten length of hospital stay and decrease the need for narcotic pain medications after knee replacement surgery. Research associate Sarah Lang of the MOI Bishop team was fundamental in the success of the manuscript’s publication.

Mammoth Orthopedic Institute Hosts First Annual Sports Medicine Course

August 25-27, 2016

Mammoth Orthopedic Institute in partnership with Mammoth Hospital recently hosted its first annual course and lecture series on the practice of Orthopedics developed by orthopedic surgeons, Michael Karch, Timothy Crall, and Brian Gilmer.

This "meeting of the minds" for all things orthopedics included participants from all over the country - doctors, nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, and athletic trainers.

The goal of the Mammoth Sports Course wasn't merely to rehash the same PowerPoint presentations given by experts at various meetings, but to critically evaluate the indications, techniques, successes, and failures involved in the treatment of complex problems in which no clear evidence-based guidelines exist.

Reviews are in and have been overwhelmingly positive by all attendees, so you can count on our Mammoth Orthopedic Institute surgeons to build on this course in the years to come! Great work team!

news and events
news and events
news and events
news and events
news and events
news and events

Bigger is not always better

Aug 30, 2016

Doctors usually think bigger hospitals offer better surgery. Turns out, we’re wrong.

During surgical training I got a call from my mother with an unusually focused question. She had just returned from the doctor’s office where she was told she needed to have her gallbladder removed. Her question to me was simple enough — “Where should I have my surgery?”

Like nearly every health care provider, I’m quite used to having family members ask for medical advice. Usually it is in other fields I do not practice, and I often guide them back to the doctor they’re already seeing.

Read More

Mammoth Medical Missions Remote and Austere Medicine Course

The Mammoth Medical Missions annual Remote and Austere Medicine Course which was founded by Dr. Karch of Mammoth Orthopedic Institute will be held September 21-24 in Mammoth Lakes. For more information, please see the attached information sheet or visit the Mammoth Medical Missions website at