The Mammoth Sports Course

Preparations are already underway for the upcoming Third Annual Mammoth Sports Course in 2018!

Check back here for updates and offers.

Some feedback from previous courses:

  • Great interaction with MD/PT
  • The course was excellent, I loved the group discussion and differing approaches to difficult cases. It was great having PTs presenting rehab considerations.
  • The case presentations were interesting, informative, and thought provoking.

When asked what changes participants would make to their practice:

  • Better able to explain cartilage repair choices and rehab reasoning
  • Better assessment of rotator cuff pathology and meniscal treatment
  • I am better prepared for sports rotation and fellowship
  • Better understanding of the shoulder and understanding of pathology of meniscus and ACL
  • Changes to workup and treatment of meniscus injuries
  • Try quad tendon grafts with primary ACL reconstructions
  • Consider quad tendon and change evaluation of cartilage defects